Sanjski šopek.

Sanjski šopek (The Dream Bouquet) is a boutique company that prepares floral arrangements for individuals and businesses and effectively expands the network of business partners among event organizers.

The Sanjski šopek's logo is a monogram that combines several meanings. There can be recognized the stylized letter "S", the sign of infinity and a bouquet. Rounded leaves in the logo are pleasant, do not prick and do not belong to any species in particular, as we wanted to create a permanent logo that will not be subject to current trends. Nevertheless, the leaves are reminiscent of mistletoe leaves, to remind us of the kissing which provides happiness, prosperity and eternal loyalty.


A slogan was added to the logo, which combines irrational dreams and a tangible workflow. It relates to the primary activity of the company, but it is both general and broad, so it can be used in many other contexts. The slogan is in English, understandable for Slovenes and all foreigners who are more and more frequent buyers.