A small boutique fashion accessories workshop is the home of hand-worn brooches, pendants, pillows and cute fantasy creatures.

The products are distinguished by distinctive colours, shapes and characters, which make brochures and other accessories work very eloquently, which is why the brand's image was followed by these determinants - it is purified, without unnecessary cuff, it carries a spoken personality.

B, the first letter of the Broškolini, is the basis for a heart. We bonded ourselves with it to the affection of products and emphasized the process of formation - directly from the designer's heart, through hands, to a customer. Since the products are stitched past a machine, the heart also imitates the movement, which is repeatedly done at work, it imitates the path of needles and threads through felt or fabric.

Before the renovation, the Brškolini brand was called Broškolini fini.

Photo: Urška Pirjevec