The name of the web store is formed from words puro and –logy (clean, cleaned with Slovene suffix- logija, meaning knowledge about specific area), to which we added the slogan keep life simple.

The font lines in the logo are refined geometrically yet blunt. The corners of the letters are rounded, and a dot was added to the letter O - water (drop) - as the basic element of purifying(-ication). The usual droplet shape has been replaced by a circular shape - a symbol of perfection, connection and eternity. The endless pattern consists of a name and a slogan of organic shapes that mimics the movements of cleaning.

Typical colours are green and almost black. The first shades are the leaves of eucalyptus, which refreshes the air, destroys the bacteria, keeps the living spaces clean and fills them with a pleasant scent. Colours indicate growth, renewal, nature, peace, balance and harmony. Green is a sanctuary to the daily burdens of modern life and has a beneficial effect on one’s well-being. It fosters unconditional loving relationships and self-affection.