Landerik is a restaurant in the center of Ljubljana where dishes prepared in a modern way are made from authentic Slovenian traditional ingredients. We found and established the name for the restaurant, created a complete graphic image for it and linked many of the details into the brand. Homeliness and cosmopolitanism were intertwined and brought closer to each guest who enters and experiences the best our cultural and culinary treasurers can offer.

The starting point of the image is Slovenia, her beauties, Slovenian beautiful art and natural treasures. Whatever a guest touches or comes in contact with, in every spot there are stylized fields and scores of images, comprised of fragments of heritage, which were our inspiration.

The space is thus filled with upgraded, updated and networked elements that have grown from the basics collected in the book The Slovene Decorative Art. They were chosen as evidence that they are not only beautiful and eternally current, but perform well in the role of ambassadors of Slovenian tradition and aesthetics shaped over the centuries. The pattern and icons are stretched across numerous bases, which, independently or as a whole, communicate the complete Landerik's story.

The design of the interior was furnished by the GAO architects, useful ceramics is work of Hane Karim, photography by Primož Bregar and Anže Vrabl.